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Today, Xiao Bian received a customer consultation is very interesting, he asked in the same capacity of the boiler, the fuel boiler furnace and the coal stove all the same?. Of course it is not the same, the fuel boiler furnace is smaller than the pulverized coal stove, because:
The size of the furnace volume, after the boiler capacity is determined, mainly depends on the size of the volume heat load. The size of the volume heat load is mainly determined by the type of fuel. The fuel into the furnace, it takes some time to burn. Usually require the fuel burn all left in the furnace, pulverized coal combustion obviously longer than that of the long oil, coal than fuel flame length. In order to ensure the long-term safe operation of the boiler, not only to prevent slagging in the boiler, and to make the flue gas in the furnace outlet temperature of flue gas ash began to deformation than low temperature of 50~100 DEG C, to prevent convection in the furnace outlet and the heating surface slag. The content of coal in the ash is more, the general control of furnace outlet temperature is 1050~1100. The fuel oil furnace due to the oil in the ash is very small, the furnace is not dangerous, and do not consider the problem of the furnace outlet slag discharge tube, so the furnace outlet temperature can be higher.
For these two reasons, the volume heat load of the fuel oil furnace is higher than that of the pulverized coal boiler. The volume heat load of the pulverized coal boiler is about 145~185kw/m3, and the fuel oil furnace volume heat load can reach 255~350kw/m3, so the furnace volume is smaller than that of the pulverized coal stove in the same furnace capacity.
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